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to diplomatic efforts. kerry begins his tour in seoul. he'll meet with south korean foreign minister. they're expected to discuss how to respond to any further provocations. kerry has said u.s. forces stand ready to protect their allies. he'll head to beijing on saturday. leaders there have long defended their allies in pyongyang. kerry wants to convince them to use their leverage. on sunday, kerry will move on to tokyo. he'll meet with kishida. and he'll talk about a stronger diplomatic pesance in asia. >>> north korean leader kim jong un has kept people guessing ever since he came to power. for moany he remains a mystery. >> reporter: people outside north korea new little of kim jong un. more than a year later, they're not sure they know much more. he's appeared in orchestrated events, often with the military. he spoke last april at the parade to celebrate would have been the 100th birthday of his grandfather. the nation's founder, kim il sung. >> translator: we need to strengthen our military to make north korea a strong and thriving country. >> reporter: kim moved to switzerland when h
're in south korea in seoul for us right now. what's the latest there, kim? >> reporter: well, the countdown clock is on because it's in the morning time. in a rare move, what we've heard from pyongyang is a threat for international visitors. another threat from pyongyang. north korean state tv warning foreign institutions, companies, tourists, for their own safety, take shelter and evacuate seoul and the rest of north korea. they may be heading towards thermonuclear war. >> i am concerned not to make the trip. >> reporter: atlanta visitor is in seoul for business. she's not rattled though kim jong-un's threats did get her to register with the u.s. embassy. >> that particular threat doesn't heighten the sense of danger i feel anymore than just everything that's been occurring for the past couple of weeks. >> reporter: it has been a long couple of weeks coming to a head now. south korea's capitol bracing itself to see if the unpredictable leader in the north would carry out the threat of a missile launch. >> translator: it's hard not to be worried, she says, but i doubt they'll attack. >> rep
of seoul, south -- korea. they have strong war -- words of warning for the south korean leadership. >> the rhetoric we are hearing from north korea is unacceptable and it -- by any standard. i am here to make it clear on behalf of president obama and pieces of the united states and our bilateral security agreement that the united states will defend our allies and defend ourselves. harry, you heard from the foreign minister. tell us about the talks. >> as well as what you would expect to hear with john kerry, this is strong support for american i lack -- allies. he is also coming into a situation with an ally that has changed its position. south korea said it would not negotiate with north korea, especially on the issue of the industrial complex that has been shut down. in the last couple of hours, that position has changed. south korean officials in size on friday that they were open to talks. was a necessary first step in lowering tensions. john kerry said the united states with only talked with thea if north korean -- united states would only talk with north korea. he was asked d
to understand, as i think probably does, what the outcome of the conflict would be. >> kerry spoke some seoul after a meeting with his counterpart. >> we are all united in the fact that north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. the rhetoric we are hearing from north korea is simply unacceptable. >> kerry met separately with president park. kerry is reported to say they should act with caution to keep the situation from escalating further. the meetings were aimed at diffusing tensions over north korea's missile threat and provocative rhetoric. nhk's anthony yazaki has more. >> reporter: in a news conference following the meeting, kerry used unprecedentedly strong language from a secretary of state to deliver a warning to north korea. his intention was to show pyongyang that u.s. ties with south korea are strong, and that america is prepared to take decisive action if the north were to attack the south. kerry will visit china on saturday to meet with president xi jinping and a state counselor, among others. china recently indicated it's prepared to get tough with it's long-time ally
to the north and pressure pyongyang to develop nuclear weapons. he went to seoul to reassure south koreans that the u.s. has their back. anna, what is the latest on north korean threats and efforts at diplomacy? >> well, the big news out of seoul here or the korean peninsula, i should say, alison, is that north korea issued a statement to south korea basically saying at the moment their offer of dialogue is basically an empty shell. they need to change their attitude before pyongyang considers entering into talks with its neighbors. so, that really is the big news coming out of this region today. but, you mentioned the missile launch that many of us have predicted. the intelligence community has predicted that it hasn't happened and you mention tomorrow being the anniversary of the birth of the grandfather of kim-jung-un and highly unlikely of missile launches tomorrow because of the room for error and also being that it is such an important day, probably the most important day on the north korean calendar. all the attention on the celebrations. highly unlikely that we'll see the missile l
, touching down overnight in seoul trying to diffuse the missile crisis on the korean peninsula just hours after the dramatic and unexpected revelation that some u.s. intelligence sources believe that north korea has the technology to make a nuclear weapon and put it on a missile. with so much at stake, kerry will make three stops, beijing and tokyo are up next. and the secretary of state is expected to lean very hard on china to help rein in the north. here's kyung lah. >> reporter: secretary kerry is in seoul, it's a trip built as a getting-to-know-you trip. he's getting to work quickly because there's a lot on his plate, a whirlwind 18-hour tour in south korea. he's already met with top u.s. commanders in the region, he's already met with the president of south korea and is now on his way to meet with the foreign minister. he has a two-part mission here. first, it will be to reassure south korea that the united states will protect the country that they are bound by treaty and that they are important allies, but the other is to seek some sort of diplomatic off-ramp with north korea, to t
developed nuclear weapons that can fit on to ballistic mispims we're live from seoul as secretary of state kerry arrives. >>> the debate over gun control is in the senate. why one democrat says he's against even debating the proposal. >>> secretary of state john kerry is in seoul, south korea right now on a diplomatic effort to lessen tensions in the region. he's dealing with north korean threats on multiple fronts from signs of an impending missile test launch to warnings of all-out nuclear war. it's rhetoric the pentagon is taking seriously. a newly disclosed report from the defense intelligence agency says u.s. officials believe with, quote, moderate confidence, that the regime can make a nuclear bomb small enough to fit on a ballistic missile, although that missile would likely be unreliable. but the director of national intelligence james clapper is distancing the administration from that report putting out a statement that reads in part, north korea has not yet demonstrated the full range of capabilities necessary for a nuclear-armed missile. president obama weighed in yesterday. >>
action. and threats of war have gotten more urgent by the hour. cnn is in seoul for us right now. what's the latest there? >> caller: well, the countdown clock is on, because it's in the morning time, wolf, that south korea has seen these types of missile launches. in a rare move, what we heard from pyongyang and what is a little more concerning is a threat pointed directly at international visitors. another threat from pyongyang, but this time it wasn't aimed just at south koreans. north korean state tv warning foreign institutions, companies and tourists that for their own safety, take shelter and evacuate seoul and the rest of south korea. warning the korean peninsula may be headed toward thermonuclear war. >> i'm not concerned, not enough to not make the trip. >> reporter: vicky is in seoul for business. she's not rattled, even though kim jong-un's threats did get her to register with the sufficient embassy. >> that particular threat doesn't heighten the sense of danger, i feel, any more than just everything that's been occurring for the past couple of weeks. >> reporter: it has be
with force. but it was calm here in seoul today. it's all bark, they say -- no bite. >> i really don't think people are thinking they are going to come actually attack us because, you know, america has our back. >> reporter: most people in seoul think the north is bluffing. the question is why. experts say kim jong un is in the process of consolidating power and he's generating a crisis to whip his people up into a wartime patriotic frenzy so they will rally around the leader while he eliminates rivals. he's threatening war to clean house. there are big changes under way. look at this video from late 2011, the funeral of kim's father, kim jong il. the hearse surrounded by his hand-picked successors. since then nearly all have fallen from favor except kim jong un. the world's last stalinist state talking war to stay in power. pyongyang's secrecy makes the old soviet kremlin look transparent. north korea appears to want to pick a fight. the u.s. says if it comes to that it's ready. brian? >> richard engel starting us off with what it's really like these days in seoul, south korea. richard, tha
, seoul and washington. for instance, the pentagon said it was delaying testing one of its own minutemen, intercontinental ballistic miiles in california, concerned the timing of it might be misled by kim jong-un's regime. also a top military commander postponed his meetings in washington for the same reasons. south koreans for international special envoy to mediate between the two koreas. still, both south korea and the united states now expect to see a missile launch here on the korean peninsula. it is supposed to be a test, not an attack, by north koreans later this week, possibly as early as april 10th. that is the day after north korea says they couldn't guarantee safety of foreign embassies in pyongyang. you will also recall be according to intelligence, that at least two untested, medium ranges spotted on their missile launchers and northeast korea. today said it was said for that and any other contingency while the white house whous is playing it down saying another missile test from north korea would not come as a surprise. secretary of state john kerry began another foreign tou
, seoul. >>> our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has also just arrived in seoul tonight. that's because secretary of state john kerry is due to arrive just hours from now. andrea, with things so hot, it seems almost quaint, a throwback to ask if there could be diplomatic talks, a diplomatic solution to this. >> reporter: i think the key to everything is china. we don't know really what kim jong un really wants. but the view is that maybe this is just, as richard has been reporting, trying to show off his military strength and possibly leading to economic reform. china is the only country that can pressure him. secretary kerry was in london meeting with all the foreign ministers, even the russians getting on board on this. and, brian, they are all saying he's got to come here to seoul. they hope he can try to reinforce the commitment to the south koreans so they will not do anything precipitous. if there is an attack they won't retaliate. that's the hope. then on to china in the next couple of days to persuade the chinese to be much more forceful with their client
. the military and police held a drill in seoul. soldiers prepared for the possibility of a bomb attack in the subway. >> about 300 members of the conservative group protested. they burned north korean flags and effigies of the leaders. >>> the u.s. secretary of state is trying to coordinate a response among his counterparts in the region. he's consulted with leaders in tokyo, seoul and beijing. he wants the chinese to take care of problems in their own back yard. nhk world's kaho izumitani reports. >> reporter: the u.s. secretary of state has lent his diplomatic weight to a challenge that changes day by day. john kerry met with japanese prime minister shinzo abe on the last stop of his asian tour. they agreed to work together in this time of heightened tension. >> it was a very constructive conversation with the administration. and we have reaffirmed the strength of the partnership. >> translator: your message placing importance on the asia pacific region will encourage japan, and other asian nations. >> kerry repeated that message throughout his tour of asia. he reassured his counterp
we have been gauging reaction to the move in seoul and washington. we have the view from loss angeles, home to one of the largest korean population in america. we've been out into the community they're finding out how they are responding. of northng the tastes and south korea in the kitchen in south los angeles. fellow defector met in south korea before moving here. she says the difference is like heaven and earth. she said north korea is not capable of carrying out the threat. the president is john and he is trying to show the country he is strong but he is afraid of america and knows the country will be crushed. her husband said growing up there were taught america was the reason they were starving and only after leaving did he discover this was not true. orrea -- koreatown is the largest concentration of koreans living outside asia. not since the end of the cold war has the u.s. west coast really worried about the threat of a nuclear attack but people here are asking, should we be concerned? north korea is unpredictable. it has made advances with its rockets and nuclear technology
threaten seoul with thousands of artillery pieces but nuclear missiles threaten u.s. bases in japan and the u.s. itself. >> even if it is not there yet, the recent long-range rocket shows it is getting closer and closer. >> americans can say what we want adn the world community can say what they want but it northchange the fact that korea has nuclear devices and are working for full-scale nuclear capabilities. >> there is a sad logic. these pictures show the reality of life there. ox-carts replacing tractors and firewood is the only fuel. billions are spent on the military but markets are empty. nortuclear weapons are the only guarantee they will not inflict this misery. >> for more, i talked with nicholas burns, a professor at harvard and senior foreign affairs columnist. john kerry goes to china tomorrow. what can he and the chinese leadership do to walk kim jong- un from the brink? >> we have a problem together. china may be able to unlock the problem. they have enormous leverage with north korea and the u.s. wants to show -- it is showing a lot of toughness and resolve and you s
to scaring world? we are going to seoul where south koreans are going about their business. >> reporter: america's top tip low mat landed in japan as the standoff with north korea continues. the u.s. vowed to protect any allies against the attack. >> north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. the united states will, if needed, depend our allies and defend ourselves. >> reporter: amid the talk of worse case military possibilities life continues in seoul with people who spent their whole lives being threatened and don't want to let fear control them. >> we want to act as if things will be as normal and nothing would happen. that's thousand it is supposed to be. >> reporter: it is a beautiful sunny day here. families are more likely to picnic than panic. conversations are more about concerts than north korea. the singer psy addressed the tense standoff saying with 50,000 south koreaians joined in song he hoped 30 miles away the north could hear us. >>> what a thrill this was. we'll take you to the third annual president's cup which started out with 15 teams and ended with one cha
after a trip to seoul, japan, and >> celebrations sparked the 101st birthday of the nation's founding. turned out onnds the streets of pyongyang to a respect. ,lthough the situation is tense people have bright faces and are very happy. comes asratory mood the missile launch keeps the region on edge. the government today doubled down on the thread. and high-all-out war quality nuclear weapons. john kerry says there still hope for peace that the u.s. wants to avoid confrontation but remains on alert. >> the united states will do what is necessary to defend our allies, japan, the republic of korea and the region against these provocations. .ut our choice is to negotiate >> the north has rejected a callingor negotiations it a conning ploy. insole, demonstrations -- in seoul, the menstruation is brought out huge crowds. >> hugo chavez is -- hugo chavez's handpicked successor won by a razor thin margin of 50.7%. he is promising to caring on hugo chavez is -- hugo chavez's revolution. he will not accept the results until -- and he is calling for a full recount very >> -- full recount. kevin
as secretary of state john kerry arrives in seoul to try and defuse the situation. >>> fighting off a filibuster threat. the senate's compromise on gun control clears the first of many hurdles. >>> a storm system spawns more tornadoes as it barrels through the south. >>> plus, jay-z blasts critics of his cuba trip. >>> the cruise line cheaper than a -- >>> the world is bracing for a possible missile test by north korea after word that the pentagon believes the rogue state may be capable of arming with a warhead. it raised imminent concerns over the intention of the regime. jim maceda is live in seoul, south korea, where secretary of state kerry is now on the ground. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. and south korea as well as japan are all standing by waiting to see what north korea's erratic young leader kim jong-un will do with now up to five medium range missiles which -- all of which could reach a u.s. bases on guam in the pacific. these are so-called musudan missiles. they would be carrying conventional, not nuclear payloads, but they are ready for test firing.
on north korea. but eclipsing the north korean crisis as the big news in seoul was a new single by south korean pop star psy, something to smile about on a peninsula worried about war. >> that was steve handelsman reporting from washington, d.c. >>> the widow of apple co-founder steve jobs is speaking publicly for the first time since her husband's death in 2011. what's prompting her to break her silence is a red-hot political issue. lower reaurene powell jobs is l support to the immigration overhaul. she's produced a new documentary by the oscar-winning director of al gore's film on global warming. her documentary screened for lawmakers at the capitol this week. in an exclusive interview on nbc's "rock center" airing tonight, she tells brian williams what motivated her. >> because i know individuals who are caught in this purgatory, all i want to do is help find some redress so that they can live fully productive lives. >> she also talks about her family is coping since steve jobs' death. to see the full interview tonight at 10:00, tune into nbc bay area with brian williams. >>> a fremo
with a range of 60,000 meet meters. yes, these systems can hit seoul beyond the tms,and five to 20% of these are assessed to be equipped if chemical munitions and up to 50 of these systemsing target seoul so according to the national defense estimates estid u.s. dod estimate if these systems were fired at the beginning of any conflict, 200,000 cash advertise are projected just in the first hours of conflict. most of them in seoul and the majority of them civilians. press reports indicate that more systems had been moved closer to the dmz in the past 18 months. in fact, this were six systems moved just last week. within two kilometers of the dmz. in the kaesong corridor, facing seoul, some very interesting stuff, but wait, there's more. north korea has also used asymmetry in its traditional artillery systems and for those who were -- how many people here own a tv? for those who have a tv, and turned on to the news last november, you know what north koreans can do with artillery, and an novel 23rd -- when i had my first coming out party for this book -- they conducted an artillery ba
at mellowing out the tough talk. we're live from seoul in a moment. >>> in cypress the government has to come up with more money to fix its finances. today the european union and the international monetary fund said they won't give cypress any more money beyond the 10 billion euros they've already agreed on. cypress needs another 6 billion to shore up banks and pay its debt. the country's economy was on the verge of collapse before the bailout deal. banks there closed for almost two weeks. >>> and north carolina a & t state university and two other schools in the area are on lockdown right now. university website says it received a report of a man with a weapon. no shots have been fired. the university police department is conducting a campus wide search. parents are asked not to come to the university right now. >>> u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in south korea today working to stop the spiral of threats from the north. kerry landed in seoul a couple of hours ago. he told reporters that he is willing to open direct talks with north korea but on one condition, north korea must get seri
's military support for the seoul government. the government deployed two f-22 seattle fighter jets as part of joint military drills. this is just days after two capable seattle bombers ran a drill 50 miles from north korea's border. >> cenk: you know, i've never seen a north korean news clip where they wouldn't emotional crying screaming, i got it, you're mad. we moved warships to the area and it looks like this is an oil rig. but it's not. it's a fbx one, a sea-based radar platform. that looks fancy. so we are obviously getting ready just in case the north koreans are serious. let's go to jim walsh an expert in international security and researcher at mit's security studies program. my whole life i've seen north korea say we're coming, you better watch out. should i take this one any more seriously or is it the same as usual. >> two things, one, the funneled fundamentals have not changed. by that i mean north korea will not start a war. is it engageing in extreme behavior? yes. both south korea and the united states independently are stronger than north korea, and together obviously they
palkot in seoul, south korea where diplomacy is the order of the day. >> reporter: it is saturday morning here in seoul. secretary of state kerry is in town. he is on mission and time is running out. >> secretary of state john kerry flew into the eye of the geopolitical storm with meetings with president and foreign minister. he had one clear message for the young leader of negoti in kim jong un. >> it is a huge mistake for him to choose to do that because it will further isolate this country and further isolate his people who frankly are desperate for food, not missile launches. >> reporter: in pyongyang, they are preparing for celebrations and while u.s. official said a launch did not appear imminent but they said all stiss are go. they say they would never abandon the nuclear program. they say u.s. would defend itself and its allies and north korea would be defeated. >> we are all united in the act that north korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power. >> reporter: also in town today, in a sign of international concern, the secretary-general of nato. >> we are watching with great co
. >>> will north korea's noise get louder or quiet down this week? we'll go live to seoul for that situation. >>> good morning from the tribune lobby in logan, utah. it is monday, april 8, 2013. this is "the daily rundown." here's chuck todd. >>> thanks to carrie and her trivia loving group there near utah state university in logan, utah. thanks very much. >>> we begin with the breaking news out of london where margaret thatcher, an icon to particularly a lot of conservatives here in the united states died this morning following a stroke. she was 87 years old after smashing the political glass ceiling to become the country's first woman prime minister. a tough, unapologetic leader earning the nickname iron lady. >> all attempts to destroy democracy by terrorism will fail. >> what we've got is an attempt to substitute the role of the mob for the rule of law. >> when margaret thatcher first took over as prime minister in 1979, britain was facing political and economic turmoil. she managed to reverse the recession and showed medal on the stage and in 1984 thatcher survived an attempted assassin
is bluster could this ignite a conventional war? kyung lah is in seoul with more. how are these playing in south korea? >> it's not breaking news here, it's breaking news on american channels but not seoul. we're an hour's drive from the border, from the dmz, anderson. and this is a country that has for more than a decade heard this threat out of pyongyang directed to seoul that we're going to melt you down in a sea of fire. they're used to it. it's like the boy crying wolf. the difference here is the messaging and who it is directed to. this came out, the statement you're referring to, came out at 4:00 a.m. seoul time. north korea is not speaking to the peninsula. it is speaking directly to america, just in time for the evening news. it wants to make sure that this message is heard, just like earlier this week when they released that video of its soldiers taking aim at a cutout of a u.s. soldier. all of this trying to make sure that washington hears that they are certainly responding to what's been happening in this region, anderson. >> and, of course, joint military exercises happenin
to weigh the flood of threats pyongyang had been making for weeks against the u.s. and seoul. over the weekend, south korea said it believes pyongyang could conduct a missile test sometime this week. reports emerged last week that north korea had loaded as many as two medium range missiles on to mobile launchers on its east coast. the nonstop bluster has a lot of people very rattled. a new cnn/orc poll, 40% of americans surveyed say they consider north korea an immediate threat to the u.s. an all time high, up 28% from march. more than 6 in 10 said they would support a u.s. military response to an attack on south korea. cnn's kyung lah joins us from seoul. this threatened closing at the industrial complex is a line even kim jong-il did not cross, correct? >> reporter: you're absolutely right about that. this really gives us a window into the mind of the new young leader. this is the very first time that the industrial complex has been completely cleared out of north korean workers. the very first time, according to the south korean government. kim jong-il wouldn't touch it. economi
to seoul brace for a missile launch that could come at any moment. in response, u.s. military in the region alongside south koreans have raised their alert level to just one notch below all-out war. we're joined live now by nbc's jim maceda in seoul, south korea. and michael o hanlon, director of research and senior policy fellow at the brookings institution. jim, a u.s. official has said that the missile launch from north korea could come at any moment. but what are you hearing on the ground there in seoul? >> reporter: hi, martin. well, we're hearing pretty much the same thing. basically from this morning, we've been in missile watch mode, if you will. today was april 10th. this was the first in a series of probable dates for a launch because you'll recall it was mentioned specifically by kim jong-un's regime to foreign diplomats up in pyongyang as a kind of recommended dateline to evacuate. tomorrow, however, is a good day as well. april 11th. >> i think -- i think we've lost jim maceda for the moment. let's go to mike o'hanlon. international observes have been speculating on why jim jon
to launch a missile equipped with a nuclear weapon. arriving in seoul for meetings with allies in the region, secretary of state john kerry addressed the conflicting reports. >>s did inaccurate to suggest that the dprks that fully tested, developed or demonstrated capabilities that are articulated in that report. >> at the white house, president obama took a moment to reassure the nation and its partners. >> the united states will take all necessary steps to protect its people and to meet our obligations under our alliances in the region. >> tomorrow secretary kerry will travel to china to hold talks with the only nation believed to be capability of putting the brakes on the north's nuclear ambitions. >> the key to this is china. the chinese can control what the north koreans do. >> following its third nuclear test in february and the launching of a miss until december that reached as far as the philippines, north koreans have been gun celebrating the country's biggest national holiday. the april 15th birthday of leader kim jong un's grandfather. u.s. officials believe that kim jong un could
are bluffing or not. live in seoul in a few minutes. >>> and here in the united states a breakthrough in the gun control debate. two senators announcing a deal that expands background checks. we'll go live to capitol hill as well. and celebrity chef anthony bourdain going to talk about his new show premiering sunday where he travels to unusual places like myanmar to sample the local food. >> really looking forward to that, huh? >>> rets begin with a bit of a breakthrough in the fight over new gun laws. two senators, a democrat and republican, reaching a deal on expanding background checks. >> so across the network today we are bringing you in depth coverage, guns under fire, a cnn special report on background checks. get right to dana bash on capitol hill with details of the deal. dana, we know it's all about universal background checks. the obama administration wanted this, but it is not the complete picture here. it really is kind of a watered down version. what does he win? >> that's right. the president you hear him talking all the time about universal background checks. this does
. now, despite all that, life seems to be going on as usual as normally here in seoul. but it apparently masks, we're told, anxiety shared by many south koreans that in such a tense atmosphere, even a very minor incident might trigger a conflict. that seems to be the main fear now, that a miscalculation could lead to that dreaded war, or maybe it won't lead to that war. south koreans do send to see kim jong-un as the boy who cried wolf. they've lived through these kind of belligerent threats before like during the war games only to see the rhetoric eventually dialed back. still, this is korea, and there's always a chance that this time could be very different. richard? >> nbc's jim maceda in seoul, thank you so much. >>> now to one of the most gruesome injuries ever seen on live television. players, coaches and fans in attendance were visibly shaken when kevin ware's right leg snapped in two places during the ncaa tournament game against duke. ware fought the pain to tell his teammates to get the victory, and his coach says that was how they overcame the trauma. >> it was very difficult
fighter jets to soul bank to take part in joint military drills -- to soul ban-o seoul to take part in joint military drills. >> it is the latest in the wargames currently underway. it is a clear display of strength in response to continued threats from the north. south korean president talked on you -- the south korean president did not mince her words. >> if there is any provocation against south korea and her people, there should be a strong response in initial combat, without any political considerations. >> but it is doubtful that the latest show of force will be able to stop pyongyang's warlike rhetoric. leader kim yong moon has been ramping up -- kim yong moon -- kim yong in -- kim jong-un has been ramping up tension for weeks. they said their weapons program was the lifeblood of the nation. >> on monday, north korea reinstalled the former prime minister, pak pong-ju. analysts say the choice shows that, for all the military rhetoric, jim -- kim jong-un has begun to switch the country's focus to promoting economic development. >> south korea has promised a strong response to p
by their past. in seoul, korea, fiery rhetoric, but people here are used to the bluster of p'yongyang. and looking at their latest iphone gadgets about the potential conflict. there were the recent p'yongyang nuclear tests. that affectedntry this commuter greeted today. he was greeted by a television camera, eager to record his impressions. he says many say there are the drumbeats of war. is the real test of the north-south relations, the industrial zone, a key source of revenue for the north. whenever the threats p'yongyang might issue, they look at change at the operation here. bbc news, on the border. >> interesting with those border issues. more on the rise in tensions. i spoke with a senior fellow on proliferation. what is your take on this? we are hearing a lot out of north korea. the tension seemed to be rising, a thought that there is not much behind it. is it rhetoric, or is it real? >> we have heard this before, but it does feel different this time. there is a state of war, so to speak. >> have they done that before? >> they nullify the armistice that ended the kore
airman and radio mickic richard cad wal der was reunited on sunday in seoul. she was severely burned during an accident in the war. her mother carried her to a u.s. base and begged for help. he did his best to make sure she got medical attention. he asked the government to find kim, now 71 years old. >> she and her mother were two examples of the most courageous people i've ever known. so this is a monumental day for me. i'm very happy. >> officials from south korea's min vi of patriots and veteran's affairs organized the reunion. they hope events like this can help bring south korea and it's lies closer together. >>> japanese government officials have been discussing how to protect japan's maritime interests. they've released a draft of their plans for the next five years. they plan to increase security around the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japan control the islands. china and taiwan claim them. they're calling for a quicker response for vessels found in the area without a permit. it will monitor and protect the coe key areas. the defense ministry is pl
60 years ago. former airman and radio mechanic, richard cadwallader was reunited on sunday in seoul. she was severely burned during an accident in the war. her mother carried her to a u.s. base and begged for help. he did his best to make sure she got medical attention. he asked the government to find kim, now 71 years old. >> she and her mother were two examples of the most courageous people i've ever known. so this is a monumental day for me. i'm very happy. >> officials from south korea's ministry of patriots and veteran's affairs organized the reunion. they hope events like this can help bring south korea and it's allies closer together. >>> japanese government officials have been discussing how to protect japan's maritime interests. they've released a draft of their plans for the next five years. they plan to increase security around the senkaku islands in the east china sea. japan control the islands. china and taiwan claim them. they're calling for a quicker response for vessels found in the area without a permit. it will monitor and protect the key areas. the defense ministr
of cartoonlike figures of u.s. soldiers. nbc's jim maceda is in seoul, south korea. jim, what's the latest on this? >> reporter: hello, richard. well, it seemed yesterday that the crisis had crested somewhat, but now with news of the reopening of the yongbyon nuclear plant, that has got to increase already high levels of tension here. when this relatively small plant, keep in mind, it was generating enough plutonium for one nuclear bomb per year, when it was shut down some six years ago, it was seen, i recall, as a major victory for u.s. diplomacy. is now looks like, however, that leader kim jong-un who says he's angry about new sanctions slapped on the country and ongoing u.s./south korean war games not far from here, it looks like he is undoing any progress that has been made in the past. that said, experts are calling this opening of the plant more symbolic than anything else. much of the plant was destroyed and will need to be completely rebuilt. that could take years. still, they're taking no chances at the pentagon. they confirmed today that the u.s.-guided missile destroyer, the "us
industrial park near the border. on tuesday secretary of state john kerry announced he'll travel to seoul next week. after kim jong-un's latest power play. nbc's richard engel is in seoul. >> reporter: kim jong-un undid years of diplomacy vowing to reopen the yongbyon nuclear reactor, capable of producing enough plutonium to make a nuclear bomb a year. north korea closed it in 2007, even destroying a cooling tower. to show its commitment to a now shattered deal with the u.s. >> if they restart their nuclear facility, yongbyon, that is in direct violation of their international obligations and would be a very serious step. >> reporter: but kim jong-un shows no sign that he's even listening to the outside world. it would be a mistake to dismiss kim as a mere boy emperor stomping his feet. >> people think north korea is unpredictable. it's very predictable. it's power driven. exploit weaknesses. intolerant, uncompromising type of view. >> reporter: north korea lives on this philosophy and not much else. it's desperately poor. famine ravages the countryside. the capital is a modern-looking ci
north korea that until now had been allowed to continue. in seoul where people tried to shrug off the crisis, there are deep concerns. polls say two-thirds of south koreans want this country to have nuclear weapons. but that would spark an immediate crisis with the north and the risk of nuclear proliferation across asia. secretary of state kerry coming here next week is already sending a message. >> the last thing the world needs is more nuclear nations. >> reporter: but south koreans worry about the new young leader in the north. north korea can't realize its threat to attack the mainland united states with a nuclear weapon, but does have more capacity than u.s. officials like to admit. brian? >> richard engel starting us off again. seoul, south korea. richard, thanks. let's go to our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell in our d.c. newsroom. andrea, not to get flip about this, but the reason people on the west coast of the u.s. aren't heading to shelters and stocking up on water and canned goods is our calculated analysis that they don't have the delivery system b
it a real and clear angel. jim is live for us in seoul, south korea, what is the latest? >> reporter: the lathest is the message that is clearly meant for the united states. they spoke of deploying nuclear devices to strike at america. the latest threat was conditional on stopping what north korea calls aggressive war games. it sees it as a rehearsal for an invasion. it comes after kim jong un, a young leader activated a reactor. he's barred south korean workers from crossing into the north to punch in at the industrial park, the only joint venture. meanwhile, intelligence suggests, south korean intelligence suggesting they moved a missile toward a launch site. this kind of missile has yet to be tested. it could hit as far away as guam. the u.s. is beefing up antimissile defenses there. in seoul, people are concerned, but used to the rhetoric. students say they are more worried about final exams than a war. back to you. >> thank you, jim. jim is live in south korea. >>> in afghanistan, the taliban claiming responsibility for an attack on a government compound that left 53 people dead
engel live for us once again tonight from seoul, south korea. richard, thanks. >>> again, it is hard to believe we have to talk about what a u.s. military response against north korea would look like, especially though in the event of a missile launch they are, as you might imagine, watching this closely at the pentagon. that's where jim miklaszewski is on duty for us tonight. jim, good evening. >> good evening, brian. u.s. officials stressed tonight there is no sign that north korea is preparing for all out war. nevertheless, the u.s. and south korean militaries are prepared for the worst. two u.s. guided missile destroyers are already in position to shoot down any ballistic missiles launched by north korea. defense secretary chuck hagel warned this week that north korea's threats of a nuclear attack cannot be ignored. >> we take those threats seriously. we have to take those threats seriously. >> reporter: in the unlikelihood of all out war, u.s. cruise missiles, american bombers, and south korean war planes would launch air strikes. north korea's nuclear and ballistic missile faci
and companies, including tourists, to take evacuation measures out of seoul and south korea for their own safety. >> defense officials in seoul are worried this could be more than just talk. they say on wednesday the north korean military may launch a missile. >> translator: we could say that the north koreans are expected to fire a missile tomorrow, although the schedule could change. >> the north korean military has reportedly moved a midrange ballistic missile to the east coast. kim said it's not known whether they have notified international bodies of any launch plans. north korean officials have already warned foreign diplomats in their capital pyongyang that their safety could not be guaranteed in the event of a conflict. >>> officials from japan's defense ministry are preparing to counter the possible missile launch. the self-defense force has deployed interceptor missiles at its headquarters in tokyo. the move follows an order by the government to destroy falling debris. the self-defense forces has stationed three surface-to-air missile launchers at the ministry's complex. it has also de
in tokyo. residents of seoul are going about their business. they're heading to work, doing the things they do most days. they're carrying on in the face of threats from the north. as south korean spokes person says the north korean military could launch a missile at any time. south korean nave a commanders aren't taking any chances. they've deployed a second military vessel. it's equipped with an advanced tracking system. they sent another vessel to the yellow sea. they say they're ready for whatever might come. last week north korea nl forces move add midrange ballistic missile to the coast. the defense minister has ordered the sdf to destroy any debris that might fall on japanese territory. so they've deployed two interceptor missile launchers. others have deployed the same defenses at other bases. >>> the foreign ministers of other countries are asking north korea to refrain from exercises. the members gathered at the hague. >> translator: we should work with the rest of the international community to send a strong message to north korea that it won't benefit from provocations. >>
of seoul are going about their business in the face of threats from the north. >> south korean naval commanders aren't taking any chances. they've deployed a second military vessel. east of the peninsula. it's equipped with an advanced tracking system. they sent another radar equipped vessel to the west. they say they're ready for whatever might come. last week north korean forces moved a midrange ballistic missile to the coast. the defense personnel are making preparations of their own. the maritime defense force have dispatched two destroyers to the sea in japan and have radar that can track missiles and carry sm3 interceptor missiles. they ordered any debris that might be deployed and deployed two missile launchers at the defense ministry in tokyo. other units deployed the same defenses at other bases. >>> meanwhile, inside north korea, they're acting as if it's business as usual. organizers will go on with an annual marathon despite the tensions. the state run news agency reported sports tournaments will be held to mark the birth of the nation's late founder, kim il sung and resi
engel monitoring developments live from seoul, south korea, again for us tonight. richard, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. north korea said it will pull its $50,000 workers from a joint economic zone. it had been operating with the south as officials in this country braced for that missile test perhaps this week. defenses across asia are at the ready. japan with anti-missile batteries now in place says it will shoot down any north korean missile that threatens its territory. the u.s., with two american warships and a land-based missile interceptor now in the region would be able to track a missile seconds after launch and could destroy it in flight. a shoot-down would likely not happen if the missile heads out to sea. from north korea, more belligerence. a propaganda video shows attack dogs let loose on an effigy of south korea's defense minister. >> right now we are on the edge, on the brink of something that could be the start of the next interkorean conflict. that's something the world should be aware of. >> reporter: south koreans remain calm but are increasingly ask
.s. allies in the region, even if in pyongyang or here in seoul, people are going about their business with no sign at all of anxiety. back to you, dara. >> jim maceda reporting from seoul. >>> a deal on gun reform has been reached in the senate.nnou morning at 11:00. democrat joe manchin and republican pat toomey are expected announce a bipartisan deal for background checks. if reached, it could be the biggest step to u.s. gone law in 20 years. majority leader harry reid has scheduled an initial vote for thursday. >> there are strong feelings and deep disagreements about some of these measures. every one of these measures deserves a vote, a yes or a no. no hiding. no running from an issue that has captivated america. >> as many as 14 republican senators including mirpt minority leader mitch mcconnell vowed to filibuster the legislation. however a mounting number of senators within the gop now appear willing to break with their leadership and allow debate to move forward. >>> a lone star college student was arrested yesterday after his stabbing rampage left 14 people injured. dylan qui
are monitoring them 24 hours a day with the united states. >> government officials in seoul say the north koreans appear to be preparing to launch other missiles, as well. scud missiles have a range of several hundred kilometers. rodong missiles have a range of about 1,300 kilometers. south korean officials believe >>> people in the region are thinking about how best to respond to north korea. authorities are preparing for every possibility. some civilians are trying to carry on as usual. >> reporter: residents in south korea seem rather calm. even though the north has called on all foreigners in the country to prepare to evacuate in case of war. local officials are warning of a possible attack. 30 minutes by car from the north korean border, directions to an evacuation area have been posted in the lobby of this condominium. >> translator: i wonder if a war will break out. i feel uneasy after hearing their words. >> translator: i think we had better concentrate on our jobs rather than getting upset over this situation. >> reporter: a spokesperson for south korea's ministry of foreign affairs says
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